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Business Goals vs Social Fun

Do you think security and privacy are important? Everyone is using social media today to share interesting information, exciting personal stories and much about their private lives.

Everyone is Streaming Live! Wow.

Business leaders, while needing to be open and transparent, also know not everything should always be openly shared. Social Media attracts large audiences quickly, however streaming on Facebook provides no assurance that your private messages remain private.

Business communication requires better control: privacy, coordination, and targeting to flow of needed information to specific groups, while remaining private from un-invited and un-intended viewers.

Visilink: a Managed Communication Solution

Visilink Media Inc. began as an online, live HD broadcasting service successfully replacing costly satellite services for the largest financial distribution company in North America.

Permit seamless permission-based access to your important content, with detailed reports as to who saw it, and who didn’t. This is an ideal solution for delivering certifications.


Manage the Context of your Streaming

We developed techniques and management controls vital to coordinate access to content while leveraging the power of live streaming broadcasts.

This capability is different than publicly accessed social Media sites (ref. YouTube, Facebook Live). Businesses need to know who has access and who actually is watching important and sometimes very confidential information.

At Visilink, permission-based access is in our DNA.

Reporting and Access Details

Most often it is important for business to confirm who attended a live event, who accessed the recordings, whether critical messages were transferred clearly and consistently, and whether the information was truly understood.

More than just “stats”, “hit counts” and “metrics”, our detailed reports show individual access history, viewer identities and names, and responses to surveys and quizzes if you choose to integrate them.

The reports can be used to accurately verify the information was delivered, and the feedback is a good indicator of whether the content was understood.

Robust Capabilities

Visilink has adapted our live broadcasting and video streaming to address the changing communication needs of business. We offer a variety of platform capabilities integrated together into one, comprehensive platform.

We are built on top of the best-of-class cloud-based technologies with highly scalable global streaming and content delivery capacities.

You don’t need to be a technical wizard. The system remains easy-to-use, easy to administer and very cost effective.

Live Broadcasting - As easy as 1, 2, 3

Most people have in their pockets exactly what they need to receive and send video broadcasts: the latest iPhones, tablets and other Smart Mobile devices.

Live broadcasting and direct integration with live streaming services like Zoom makes it easy to get a live feed from your leaders, and feed these into your tailored live broadcasting platform with viewer access-control.

More importantly, the recordings of these events become available to those who need access to it – On Demand.

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